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Welcome to Victoria Road Surgery in Worthing

This website has been developed to enable you to receive the best possible care from the Practice. We have a team of seven doctors and other health staff available for your care offering all core General Medical Services plus a number of enhanced medical services - read more about the Practice here

If you do have any problems or ideas for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Manager, Mrs Jane De Jong.

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Training Surgery

We are a training practice.  This means that you may see a variety of different trainees, for example GP trainees, Paramedics and Nurses.   These trainees are all supervised by a senior member of the team.

F2 – Foundation Doctor – Year 2.

The first year of the posts in other specialties, such as general practiceemergency medicinepaediatricspsychiatryobstetrics or pathology. The training builds on what has been achieved during the previous year.

ST1 & ST2 Doctors – are Specialty and GP Trainees.

ST3 Doctors – GP Registrar on their final year of training before qualifying as a General Practitioner.

Important notice: appointments

Please can we ask that you do not use the online booking system for an appointment for your Doctor to complete any kind of form.  This will not be completed at the appointment and would be a waste of NHS resources which are strictly for patients that have clinical problems. Thank you

Important notice: phone lines

The phone number for our surgery based at Durrington Health Centre is no longer available, the phones for both sites are directed to one number 01903 230656. Our trained team will be able to direct your call to both sites.

Important notice: closures for bank holidays & training afternoons for staff to attend training events

Bank holidays 2019: closed all day: ,6th and 27th May, 26th August, 25th and 26th December

Training days 2019:   5th June 12:30 to 16:30 p.m. 19th June 12:30 to 18:30 p.m. 23rd July 12:30 to 16:30, 11th September 12:30 to 16:30 p.m. 17th October 12:30 to 16:30 p.m.

Online services

Log on to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions by using the link below:

Log into online services from Patient Access

The Practice Aim

This Practice believes in encouraging a culture of consideration; consideration of our patients, their health, their future and the Practice staff that will determine the direction by converting strategic vision into operational reality.

We will treat everyone as an individual, with no discrimination.

This means we plan care, which emphasises the patient's individual needs, dignity and strict confidentiality.

Advice and information will be available in order to help our patients make the right choices.

We are a 'self-care aware' Practice

Self Care AwareVictoria Road Surgery believes in empowering patients to take care of their own health for minor ailments.

The self care forum can be of great help - The self care forum aims to further the reach of self care and embed it into everyday life.

Self care is the actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf of and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, wellbeing or wellness.

You can also visit our self-care guide and basic first aid advice on this website.

We are a mindful employer

Mindful EmployerMindful Employer® is a NHS initiative run by Workways, a service of Devon Partnership NHS Trust. Workways supports people with a mental health condition to find or remain in employment. Mindful Employer was developed by employers in Exeter and launched in 2004. Initially intended as a purely local initiative, it has since developed throughout the UK and has been launched abroad. Mindful Employer has been recommended as good practice by the UK government and other national organisations.

We are improving access to appointments

From the 1st October 2018, GP and nurse appointments are now available during the evening and at the weekend for people across Coastal West Sussex. This means that urgent appointments are available up to 8pm during the week, and during clinics on a Saturday and Sunday. This aims to improve access to GP appointments and help local people to get the help and support they need.

The service is run by Innovations in Primary Care (IPC), a not-for-profit company owned by local GP practices.

The appointments will be available at local GP access hubs, run from GP surgeries, and they will be both routine and urgent appointments with a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.

The teams will see new illnesses when you urgently need to see a health professional, and offer planned appointments such as family planning and smear tests that can be hard to arrange whilst at work or when you are caring for family or a loved one.

IPC has been running the MIAMI clinics in Adur and Worthing for the last three years, which has offered a very similar service, offering help for ‘Minor Injury Assessment & Minor Illnesses’. These clinics have been successful and helped local people to access the help they need outside of normal opening times.

We hope that this roll out of the hubs across the whole of Coastal West Sussex will mean that all patients registered with a GP practice in our area can benefit.

You book into the GP access hubs via your normal GP practice, and you may be offered an appointment at one of the hubs at the weekend if you call NHS 111 for urgent health advice and support. The hubs may be at your GP practice or they may be at a neighbouring GP practice locally in the community around you.

The teams will have access to your medical records with your consent, and any care they provide will be added to your notes so your GP practice can continue any ongoing care.

You can book these appointments by calling your registered GP practice in the normal way, and they will be able to access the booking system and make sure you receive the help and support you need.

Important information regarding your data

Plans/Statement of intent:

Patient Data has now been uploaded to the Summary Care Record unless patients have specifically opted out of this scheme. Patients records are collected electronically via the GP2GP electronic system wherever possible when a patient registers with the Practice. Patients can already request prescriptions on line and make appointments on line. Please see Privacy Notices under the heading of Policies.

General Data Protection Regulations: your privacy matters

Your data matters to the NHS. Information about your health and care helps us to improve your individual care, speed up diagnosis, plan your local services and research new treatments. In May 2018, the strict rules about how this data can and cannot be used were strengthened. The NHS is committed to keeping patient information safe and always being clear about how it is used.

 You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning. How your data is used: Your health and care information is used to improve your individual care. It is also used to help us research new treatments, decide where to put GP clinics and plan for the number of doctors and nurses in your local hospital. Wherever possible we try to use data that does not identify you, but sometimes it is necessary to use your confidential patient information. What is confidential patient information? Confidential patient information identifies you and says something about your health, care or treatment. You would expect this information to be kept private.  Who can use your confidential patient information for research and planning? It is used by the NHS, local authorities, university and hospital researchers, medical colleges and pharmaceutical companies researching new treatments. Making your data opt-out choice You can choose to opt out of sharing your confidential patient information for research and planning. There may still be times when your confidential patient information is used: for example, during an epidemic where there might be a risk to you or to other people’s health. You can also still consent to take part in a specific research project. Will choosing this opt-out affect your care and treatment? No, your confidential patient information will still be used for your individual care. Choosing to opt out will not affect your care and treatment. You will still be invited for screening services, such as screenings for bowel cancer. What should you do next? You do not need to do anything if you are happy about how your confidential patient information is used. If you do not want your confidential patient information to be used for research and planning, you can choose to opt out securely online or through a telephone service. You can change your choice at any time. To find out more or to make your choice visit or call 0300 303 5678

National data opt-out

You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning.

To find out more visit

 You do not need to do anything if you are happy about how your confidential patient information is used. You can change your choice at any time.

Type 1 opt-out: medical records held at your GP practice

You can also tell your GP practice if you do not want your confidential patient information held in your GP medical record to be used for purposes other than your individual care. This is commonly called a type 1 opt-out. This opt-out request can only be recorded by your GP surgery.

Type 2 opt-out: information held by NHS Digital

Previously you could tell your GP surgery if you did not want us, NHS Digital, to share confidential patient information that we collect from the across the health and care service for purposes other than your individual care. This was called a type 2 opt-out.

From 25 May 2018 the type 2 opt-out has been replaced by the national data opt-out. Type 2 opt-outs that have been recorded previously have been automatically converted to national data opt-outs.

Any patient that wishes to record a type 2 opt out must do so online at

or via the contact centre on 0300 303 5678.

Patient choice navigators

When you need to be seen by a specialist, Victoria Road Surgery is committed to ensuring that whenever possible you receive a timely outpatient appointment at a provider of your choice.

To help you to make the most appropriate choice, we are working with a team of Patient Choice Navigators.

After you have seen your GP, and together you have agreed that you need to be referred for specialist treatment, Victoria Road Surgery will forward your referral to the team of Patient Choice Navigators at NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group who, using the NHS e-Referral System (formally Choose and Book) will help you to make an informed choice. In accordance with the NHS Constitution, you have the right to choose when and where you wish to be treated and in a timely manner.

Your GP will provide you with a booking card and a telephone number for you to contact the team. You are then asked to contact the Patient Choice Navigators five days after seeing your GP so they can work with you to book your appointment.

Following discussion with you, the Patient Choice Navigators will send your referral on to the hospital or community provider of your choice, who will then contact you to confirm your appointment. If you do not make contact with the PCN within 10 days of the team receiving your referral then an appointment may be booked for you.

If you have any concerns or questions about your information being passed to the Patient Choice Navigators then please speak to a member of the practice team. Information will only be shared when you have agreed with your GP that a referral is the best course of action.

Why not visit our online services section of our website?

Our online services allows patients registered for the service to book and cancel appointments online and to order repeat prescriptions.

Accountable GP

Each patient registered with the Practice will have a named accountable GP who will be responsible for your overall care whilst registered at the Practice. You will be advised of your accountable GP’s name when you first attend the Practice for an appointment or alternatively you may make this enquiry. Where possible if a patient expresses a preference for an accountable named GP, the Practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this. Patients can still see any GP within the Practice.

In addition, for patients aged 75 and over, the named accountable GP will also: work with relevant associated health and social care professionals to deliver a multi-disciplinary care package that meets the needs of the patient and ensure that these patients have access to a health check.

CQC ratings 2016

Victoria Road Surgery was inspected in May 2016 by the Care Quality Commision and was rated as GOOD in all areas - except for 'People whose circumstances may make them vulnerable' - which was rated as OUTSTANDING.

Online patient forum

We now have an on line forum where you can leave comments, feedback or discuss any topic about the Surgery. It is free to join and enables you to discuss issues with other patients.

To join the forum please visit

Practice booklet

If you would like a copy of Victoria Road Surgery's latest Practice booklet then please use the link below to download it as a PDF File. If you would like any of your information in a different format; large print, braille etc please contact the surgery and we can arrange this for you.

Download Practice Brochure

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